Cold, steel-blue lights hum and flicker, flicker and hum.

Shadows shudder jump across walls.

Phantom movement twitches, pulses out of sight.

Eyes flicker, nervous, strain to catch what is, where is.

Wanting to see and unsee.

Fear spreads steady stealthy.

Trickle, prickle, cold sweat creep.

Pupils, dark, dilate.

Heart bump, thump, pumps.

Loud blood crash rushes in my ribcage.

Drowns sound.

Frozen terror, blind and deaf.

Beside me something creep crawls quiet.

Behind me something stands stealth silent.

Breath holds eyes wide.

Willing silence.

Knowing there is nothing

Yet seeing everything and anything.

Cursing my imagination I turn on the light and pick up my pen.

I write my own nightmares.

I don’t need any help.




passion flower


My passion-fruit vine has been flowering  since December. I am so proud. It has been growing for 3 years now and this is my first season of flowers and fruit. These gorgeous flowers have a strong, sweet musky scent and the fruit is huge, purple and full of deliciously fragrant pulp. I wish I could share. The hardest thing now is waiting for the fruit to ripen! Also waiting to beable to have my favourite concoction – frozen passionfruit pulp and vodka! Yum!

It’s limbs lie low with  lashing winds.

Prone it grows along the ground.

Blasted, blighted, stunted

By storm, salt and sand.

Creeping, crawling, crumpled

Like a gnarled, greened hand.


b5nature_animals_birds041.jpg Soaring spirit sailor 

Screaming and diving through the air

You chart currents and tides above.

Unbound from her salted depths

Yet her secrets still hold you close.


 Blowflies drone and dive against screened doors and windows

 Waiting for that moment, as a door is opened, when they fling themselves into the darkened house;

                           Only to drone and dive against screened doors and windows inside.

Above boy baby’s crown of curls

A wondrous azure sky unfurls;

Birds dart and call amidst the trees

Bright blossoms fat with humming bees.

Sweet, wet grass yields ‘neath his tread;

Small pink fist grasps flower head.

Red dirt stains knees and tiny lips.

Real beauty breathes; the rest eclipsed.

Green   Yellow   Blue   Orange   Pink   Purple   Red

Dog    Birds    Bugs   Bricks

Flowers   Leaves   Grass   Sky   Trees   Dirt

Wind    Rain    Bright  Sunshine   Clouds

Wet    Cold   Soft   Rough   Hard

Eyes    Ears

Hands    Feet